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Tales of the Circle - A secret sect comprised of true alphas. To gain entry, one must be dominant in every facet of life, especially sexually. Ruling the boardroom as well as the bedroom, the group exists for two purposes: the further advancement of all its members, and bedroom games. In their case, sexual mastery is truly the tie that binds.

Book 1 - Welcome To The Circle

Book 2 - Dark Genesis

Book 3 - Sisters In Sin

Additional “Circle” Books:

Black Friday

The Breaking Of Allison

Coming Soon: Tales of the Circle


Abigail Lefay, owner of the infamous fetish club, The Black Flame, is much more than just an eccentric occultist. She’s a powerful witch with a violent past.

When the Chicago Mafia violates a truce with her coven, Abigail must leave her self-imposed sanctuary to teach them they’re not the only family who should be feared. To save four innocent girls from violent rape and a life of slavery, she must incite…a Blood War!

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Every Dog Has Its Day

It’s October, and a serial killer is stalking the unfaithful. Dubbed ‘Bad Kitty’ by the press, she seduces married men at Halloween parties and, using their lust, lures them to their deaths.

Detective Josh Wilson is not only the lead detective on the case, but because of his adulterous nature, is also her chosen prey. Along with his partner Matt Dennings, Josh discovers that Bad Kitty is a schizophrenic with two distinct personalities ...

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Driven By Demons

For JD Walker, owner of the infamous fetish club Devil’s Playground, life is good. His club is successful, he has plenty of money, and he spends his time indulging in his lifelong addiction: sex. But despite his current success, he is still haunted by a dark and violent past marred by the death of his mother, a death he blames himself for.

Two years ago, reporter Molly Malone was part of a news team sure they could prove the Playground was more than a strip club, and was in fact a high end brothel where...

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Hand of Fate

Abigail Lefay, mistress of a deadly coven, is no stranger to conflict.

She shows no fear of Mafia lieutenant Donnie Bellino or his mysterious hired assassin. Nor will she back down from the cruel Ruine family she framed for Jimmy Bellino’s murder.

When she risks war with another occult family, she faces the one threat she may not be able to survive: her own family!

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